wild cherry

wild cherry
1. the fruit of the wild cherry tree
Hypernyms: ↑fruit
Part Holonyms: ↑wild cherry tree
2. an uncultivated cherry tree
Syn: ↑wild cherry tree
Hypernyms: ↑cherry, ↑cherry tree

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1. : an uncultivated cherry tree or its fruit: as
2. : a tropical American shrub (Rhacoma crossopetalum) of the family Celastraceae; also : the edible red fruit of this shrub
3. : a dark red to purplish red that is stronger and slightly lighter than plum violet, stronger and slightly darker than neutral red, and much stronger than sultana — called also vin rosé

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wild cherry noun
Any uncultivated tree bearing cherries, such as the gean (Prunus avium), or its fruit
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